Anancy and the Turtle: Thunder Bay writer shares African people story in new kids’s ebook

A people story, shared for hundreds of years by West Africans and handed down as a narrative of hope by their descendants, lots of whom had been enslaved and transported internationally, is informed by an writer from Thunder Bay, in Ontario, in his new kids’s ebook.

Anancy and the turtle tells the story of what occurs when a mischievous spider decides to go fishing, however catches a turtle as a substitute, Annette Pateman defined, noting that the tiny eight-legged creature had a number of surprises.

“He is a trickster character,” and “slightly bit divine,” Pateman mentioned. “Anancy is usually portrayed as a spider, however he is additionally usually portrayed as a human … So a spider-man, however not like Marvel’s Spiderman.”

Pateman remembers listening to the tales as a toddler in Jamaica.

“My dad informed numerous Anancy tales. He was an awesome oral storyteller, and he is the one which got here to my thoughts after I sat down to put in writing an Anancy story and I learn it. ‘ve actually accomplished in reminiscence of my dad, ”she mentioned. his father, who died in 2015.

Anancy and the Turtle is the most recent ebook by writer Annette Pateman of Thunder Bay, Ontario. She says tales of Anancy, who’s a spider but additionally a con artist, are frequent in Jamaica, the place she grew up. Pateman says that Anancy’s tales originated in West Africa and that Caribbean slaves continued to share these tales as a supply of consolation and hope. (Annette Pateman)

With a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, Pateman started investigating folklore and myths frequent in West Africa. She discovered that Anancy’s tales in all probability originated from Ghana, which was one of many important facilities of the transatlantic slave commerce. Over the centuries, hundreds of thousands of captives have been held in dungeons alongside the coast earlier than being shipped to the Americas and the Caribbean.

The enslaved Africans took their tales throughout the ocean and, as they labored within the plantations and within the fields, continued to share them as a supply of solace, Pateman believes.

She feels that Anancy’s tales, specifically, have endured as a result of “they inform a narrative of endurance and survival.”

“Within the tales of Anancy, this little spider creature tends to defeat and outwit these bigger animals,” comparable to lions, tigers, elephants and even turtles.

‘Gave hope to enslaved Africans’

“So in telling these tales, the place one thing weak, one thing smaller, one thing with out numerous energy may defeat a extra highly effective system, it gave the enslaved Africans slightly little bit of hope.”

Pateman is now incorporating what she has discovered about West African folklore and the tales of Anancy into her anti-racism work with town of Thunder Bay.

“I would like Anancy, the ebook, to point out people who there are completely different people tales, completely different people tales from everywhere in the world, completely different people tales from Africa and the Caribbean. If that opens up this world, that is factor. and I feel it is anti-racism. “

Anancy and the turtle is obtainable as a hardcover or eBook on Amazon.

You possibly can hear Annette Pateman’s full interview on CBC Higher morning right here.

For extra tales concerning the experiences of black Canadians – from anti-black racism to successes inside the black group – take a look at Being Black in Canada, a CBC venture black Canadians will be happy with. You possibly can learn extra tales right here.


7:53 a.m.Annette Pateman – Anancy and the Turtle

Anancy is a mischievous spider. Sooner or later he decides to go fishing, however what he catches is not a fish – it is a turtle. What occurs subsequent is recounted in a brand new kids’s ebook from Thunder Bay author Annette Pateman. The ebook is named Anancy and the Turtle. It’s the account of a well-liked story that has its origins in West Africa. Pateman informed CBC’s Cathy Alex extra about this tiny creature, which is greater than it seems. 7:53 a.m.

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